Company overview



Beijing Safety Test Technology Co., Ltd. (STT), was founded in 2002, is a National High-tech Enterprise which listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (Stock Code: 832447 ). We remain dedicated to provide reliable test solutions of safety for electromagnetic environment and promote the test technology and the safe applications of electromagnetic radiation with continuous technology innovation, which ensures STT remain an importent leading position in electromagnetic envirenment safety test industry. Our calibration laboratory obtained the Certificate for Examination of Measurement Standard which issued by the Beijing Calibration Laboratory. Our test services are accredited by CNAS and CMA.

Based on innovative technology, STT developed a unique lithium niobate optical waveguide electric field test probe and test system for test of special electric fields such as lightning, electrostatic discharge, nuclear electromagnetic pulse, Explosion electromagnetic pulses and large power switch switching impulse and etc., which satisfied the customer.

In the traditional field of electromagnetic field exposure safety measurement, STT has a comprehensive product series which provide users with electromagnetic field test system and solutions which applicated in power system, radio and television transmission, wireless communication, radar and etc. Our customers has emerged in industries of environmental protection, communications, security, military, power and electrical production. The products are widely recognized by customers.

In certain innovative applications, STT developed the EMF Monitoring System with UAV in order to test the electromagnetic field distribution in space for electromagnetic emitters.

In the term of measurement solutions of large-scale target, STT offers a comprehensive distributed electromagnetic field safety measurement systems. These solutions are fully recognized by customers in a variety of fields, including China High Speed Rail's measurement solutions which measure all cars of the high-speed rail simultaneously and obtain comprehensive electromagnetic data. The measurement system is also used in military  (electromagnetic launching facilities) and electric vehicles industry.

In the area of environmental electromagnetic field monitoring, STT's unique on-line monitoring technology for electromagnetic environment has been widely used. Hundreds of monitoring stations were constructed by STT and each station operates every day which provides accurate and reliable data to analysis for China electromagnetic environment.

In the fields of EMC, STT has developed and produced EMI receivers and relevant anti-interference test equipment for EMC testing which includes antenna, LISN, CDN, voltage probe, and pulse limiter.

In order to produce reliable and high quality products, our management systems meet the requirements of ISO9002, OHSAS18001 and ISO14001 standards.